Toni Dixon serves as one of three Night Owl Event Directors for Main Campus Program Board (MCPB). She is a Senior Journalism major within the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication, with a minor in Criminal Justice. Toni joined MCPB as an opportunity to interact with her fellow students and hopes to use this position to refresh nightlife at Temple.

Prior to Temple, Toni was born in Virginia and raised in Charles County, MD.  Outside of Main Campus Program Board, Toni serves as the Programming Chair for The Association of Black Journalists, as well as the Community Service Director for Temple's Black Public Relations Society.In her free time, Toni enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family. She most enjoys having a good time and binge watching different series on Netflix .Toni also really enjoys listening to all kinds of music, especially the oldies.  As a member of the executive board, Toni plans to help bring the best Night Owl events to Temple University’s Campus all while building new relationships with the students.

Please feel free to contact Toni at