Taylor Joseph's serves as one of two On-Campus events directors for Main Campus Program Board (MCPB). She is a Senior Human Resource Management major within the Fox School of Business with a minor in Legal Studies. Taylor joined MCPB with the hopes of providing a fresh and new perspective to event planning.

Prior to Temple, Taylor was born in the nation's capital, Washington D.C. and raised in Charles County, MD.  Outside of Main Campus Program Board Taylor has a very active life. She currently works at Inspire Energy,is a contributing member of SHRM, and is a part of the Society of Caribbean Awareness. She does all of this while balancing a internship with the City of Philadelphia.

  In her free time, Taylor enjoys spending quality time hanging out with her friends and family, simply having a good time, and expanding her experience as a pasta connoisseur. Taylor also really enjoys listening to all kinds of music, especially R&B and Reggae.  As a member of the executive board, Taylor plans to help bring new and exciting events to Temple University’s Campus, all while forming new relationships with the students.

Please feel free to contact Taylor at  taylor.josephs@temple.edu