Brittany Fitch serves as the Vice President for Main Campus Program Board (MCPB). She is a senior Kinesiology major within the College of Public Health with a concentration in Pre-Professional Health. Brittany has been a part of MCPB since her freshman year as a member and then as On-Campus Director in 2017. Brittany also served as a Night Owl Events coordinator in 2017 which is now a part of MCPB. Through MCPB, she has had the opportunity to plan and host events for over 30,000 undergraduate students.


Before attending Temple University, Brittany was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Outside of Main Campus Program Board, Brittany works as a Building Supervisor of Campus Recreation and is a Big Sister in the Big Brother Big Sister of America organization. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, having a good time and making people laugh. Brittany also enjoys playing volleyball, watching sports, listening to music and cooking. Others would describe her as friendly, hardworking, energetic, loyal and committed. As a member of the executive board, Brittany plans to help bring exciting events to Temple University’s campus, as well as build relationships with students and faculty.


Please feel free to contact Brittany at