Alex serves as one of two Marketing Directors for the Main Campus Program Board. He is currently a Undeclared Sophomore, however he intends to pursue a major in Media Studies and Production. Alex joined MCPB as an opportunity to become more involved with on-campus activities, meet new people and gain skills that he hopes will allow him to serve as a leader. Alex has been a member of MCPB since the beginning of his freshman year, when he served as an Ambassador of Marketing. He later joined the E-Board as in the spring. 

Alex was born in Williamsport, PA and grew up in the small rural town of Hughesville, PA. He is a Peer Mentor, part of the 2018 Owl Team, and enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and exploring the city in his free time. Alex’s goal as Director of Marketing is to get more students involved with events on and off campus and to make sure every student has the opportunity to become an active and engaged member within MCPB and the Temple Community.

Please feel free to contact Alex at